Sasi Thai Market – Event – Thai Street Food

Sasi Thai Market will host the Thai Street Food Event this upcoming weekend.

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (SasiThaiMarket) Sasi Thai Market is a locally-owned grocery store specializing in Thai food ingredients and produce in Maryland Heights, MO.

Every Saturday and Sunday, we will host a Thai Street Food event.  People and restaurants from the local Thai community will prepare food, bring it to the event, and sell it.

Thai food is ranked as one of consumers’ favorite cuisines worldwide.

It is authentic Thai food not easily found in local Thai restaurants.  To truly experience authentic Thai food, if you love Thai food, you must attend this event.

You can count on this event to happen every Saturday and Sunday or until we announce otherwise.

STL.News and St. Louis Restaurant Review have covered this event news.  We appreciate their support.